Photo Sex

Photo Sex book cover

Brad's work is featured in this lovely book of fine art photography.

Photo Sex
Edited by David Steinberg
Down There Press, 2003

Photo Sex offers both an expanded vision of the nature of photography--that fine art photography legitimately includes the subject of unapologetic sex--and an expanded vision of the nature of sex--that sex involves more than sexual intercourse and its attendant foreplay, more than the pursuit of orgasm.

The premise is that each photo in the book is a sexual photograph in this sense. This, of course, begs the question, "What is sex?" a question that each person will answer differently. Photo Sex collectively offers the author/photographer's personal perspective on what is included in the sexual realm--a perspective which is fairly broad.

A wide audience for photography views sex in a more complex, subtle, and interesting way than commercial pornography can offer. This broad audience includes women as well as men, and people of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations who are interested in exploring sex in depth, rather than reducing its complexity and wonder to clichés.

Photo Sex is inclusive in its choice of both subjects and subject matter, with images of middle-aged and older people as well as youth, of heavy people as well as thin, of people who represent a broad range of genders, ethnicities, sexual tastes, and sexual orientations. The photos confirm that all sorts of "ordinary" people are both sexy and sexual.

Photographers featured in Photo Sex: Robert Adler, Mariette Pathy Allen, Barbara Alper, Cliff Baker, Mark I. Chester, Phyllis Christopher, Tee A. Corinne, Paul Dahlquist, Charles Gatewood, Paul Johnson, Robert Kastler, David Lebe, Geoff Manasse, Vivienne Maricevic, Lee Ann McGuire, Craig Morey, Barbara Nitke, Eugene Plotsky, Jill Posener, Ron Raffaelli, Will Roger, Michael Rosen, Michele Serchuk, Stephen Siegel, David Steinberg, Sharon Stewart, Jessica Tanzer, Brad Wallis, Trevor Watson.

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