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Photographing nudes has provided intrigue and inspiration since I began shooting in 1991.

I suppose I grew up with the same dream that a lot of boys had, to become a Playboy photographer.

What I realized as I grew older and started taking my own shots is that's really not how most of us are. We aren't perfect, we don't always wear jewelry and high heels and there are actually men in the world who are sexual beings too.

What I began to find fascinating was the amount of vulnerability that people felt comfortable sharing with me when they took off their clothes for my camera.

I think it surprised me at first. A glance of lust here, a glimpse of pain there. It soon became what I tried to capture with my photography, the reality and vulnerability of the people who chose to reveal themselves to me.

When I started finding models who felt comfortable opening up to my camera sexually it was like a fountainhead, a great, untapped resource of primal human emotion that spoke to the deepest parts of my soul. Here was a place where all the facades of civilization were stripped away leaving only the raw, pulsing core of our beings.

Here was communication without the need for words. It is a place where our senses take over and the mundane aspects of our day to day lives wash away like dust in the rain leaving only the true and honest essence of our deepest, most primal selves.

These are the things I see and these are the things that I try to capture.

Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I just take pretty pictures.


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